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Several zucchini squashes got away from me last autumn. I harvested a few in September and the final one as frost threatened in late October. Until two days ago, all three were still with me.

I no longer think of zucchini as just a summer vegetable. I made a video to share my experience. What do you think? Are you ready to grow zucchini as winter squash?

2 Responses to Summer Squash Acts Like Winter Squash

  • Kathy says:

    Yes! I love summer squash of all sorts and found the ones that “got away” from me in terms of size were essentially winter squash – firm, thick skinned, and great for roasting, baking, etc. I now use them for both!

  • Daniel Gasteiger says:

    Kathy – Thanks for visiting! I think it’s a shame this characteristic of summer squash is so little known. When I describe this during garden club talks, nearly every time someone asks, “How does it taste?” It tastes, of course, like a bit of summer in winter!

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