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hyacinth up the road from my home kitchen garden

Hyacinths sprouted along the road—I suppose that in some past season, a neighbor pulled the flowers from their yard and tossed them toward the woods but missed. The plants have put on quite a show this spring, and I love the surreal textures and colors a camera captures with tight focus.

My home kitchen garden is well on its way which is weird because our last frost date is around May 23. With all the crazy warmth of late winter, perennials are weeks early and my soil is dry… seriously: it’s alarmingly free of moisture. So, for what I’ve planted, I’m watering regularly and looking forward to getting some mulch in place to help conserve what little water there is.

Because of the early start to the season, I feel casual toward the vegetable beds. I ignored them today and, to celebrate Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, I took Nutmeg for a walk capturing blossoms along the way. There are so many gorgeous displays in the neighborhood that I ended up cutting them into a movie (at the end of this post) rather than putting each one on this web page. If you feel so moved, please have a look. The video is three and a half minutes long and features scenes you’d see if you came with me for a walk where I live.

Photos accompanying this post are from my neighborhood as well.

Participate in Post Produce

While I enjoy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, I always feel a bit out of place. My blogs are about growing produce and preparing it for meals. So, in the spirit of Bloom Day, I’ve started Post Produce.

On the 22nd of each month—one week after Bloom Day—prepare a post about produce from your plot. Then, find my Post Produce post, and link to yours just as you link to your Bloom Day post from Carol’s blog, May Dreams Gardens. Here’s more about Post Produce. It’s great to see the goodies other gardeners are growing!

pear blossoms in my home kitchen garden

The pear trees I planted back in 2008 continue to look strong. They’ve thrown a lot of delicate pink blossoms against gorgeous purple foliage. After a similar display last year, the trees set no fruit, so my expectations are low. These started as bare root trees, and I understand it can take three or four years before they start producing. Though I planted them in 2008, I did so in autumn, so I have to start counting from 2009—the first growing season they spent with me. That gives me some hope they’ll fruit this year, but next year seems more likely.

ornamental cherry blossoms near my home kitchen garden

I’ve featured this ornamental cherry tree in several blog posts over the years. The flowers are sensational, and the cherries attract all kinds of birds. Occasionally in late winter, a flock of titmice spends a few days picking the dried cherries. Shortly after I made this photo, a robin landed near me with a dried cherry it had just plucked off the tree. The tree stands at the end of my neighbor’s driveway and hangs over my yard. I hope it stays there as long as I live in this house.

wildflowers bloom near my home kitchen garden

Trees are maturing in the meadow where I pick black raspberries each spring. I noticed this one blossom last season, but didn’t see what fruit it produced. Perhaps it produced none. I’ll keep an eye on it this year as well… there may be jelly in its future.

Nutmeg the dog at my home kitchen garden

Who wanted a walk? Nutmeg did! Sure, and she loves you. Ok, she hasn’t met you yet, but she’s convinced that everyone she meets is her best friend. Her enthusiasm can be hazardous to your health, so approach with caution if you see us around the neighborhood.

The Bloom Day Dog Walk Video:

2 Responses to Bloom Day Dog Walk at My Home Kitchen Garden

  • Dorothy says:

    I really enjoyed your Bloom Day dog walk video. Very well done and what a pleasant well cared for neighborhood you live in! So many pretty flowers in bloom!

  • admin says:

    Dorothy: Thanks for having a look. The video might have misrepresented the neighborhood a tad. If anyone runs a Garden Bloggers Oops Day, I could easily prepare a video of some not-so-attractive sights in my neighborhood!

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