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My home kitchen garden is livelier this year than in any other November. That’s because I set up hoop tunnels over my lettuce and pak choi, and my salad patch is growing strong. All the other annual food plants are down for the count.

Still, wanting to participate in Garden Bloggers Bloom Day (read about Bloom Day at May Dreams Gardens), I searched every corner of my yard for what’s still in bloom. There’s not much. The photos tell the story.


Through spring flower-appropriate holidays, a family in my neighborhood sets up huge tents in 12 department store parking lots throughout central Pennsylvania and sells lilies, hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, daffodils, hyacinths, and other potted plants. When the season ends, the family collects whatever didn’t sell, sets it all out on their driveway, and invites passersby to take what they want. This one sat on my front porch all summer and still doesn’t know whether it’s going into a planting bed. Mums generally survive winter here, but they’ve failed to woo me into giving them the chance.

late season rose

Amazingly, even after several 26 degree nights, there are still viable rose blossoms in my new rose bed. Because most of the blossoms have frozen and look terrible, the rose patch is pretty sketchy. I might best to have harvested the few undamaged blossoms and set them indoors in a vase.

dandelion blossom

I expected to find a few dandelion flowers in my yard, but it took me one and quarter turns around the house before I spotted this one low in the grass. I eventually spotted another, but how many dandelions have already appeared in Bloom Day posts over the years?

heath aster in autumn

As long as we’re looking at weeds, I included a shot of this one. I believe it’s a Heath Aster, and it hasn’t noticed the cold. Meadows around here naturally fill up with asters, thistle, and goldenrod. Of course they all wish my yard and garden were a meadow, and they often try to make it so.

holly flowers

While the other flowering plants in my yard are shutting down, the decorative holly bush is just starting to flower. Clumps of blossoms seem particularly abundant this fall. It makes me wonder whether the number of blossoms relates to the severity of the coming winter. If more blossoms equals more winter, this winter should be a doozy.


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