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crocus at your home kitchen garden

The last crocus flower in my yard apparently hasn’t noticed that all ther other blossoms have faded. Finally, spring is creeping in!

It’s mid-April, and I’ve planted nothing in my home kitchen garden! I’ve many seedlings literally dying to get out off their planters, but it has been cold and rainy, and working in the garden means wading in mud.

That said, today is Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. Carol, over at May Dreams Gardens, came up with this idea that one day each month garden bloggers would showcase their flowers. I try to post photos of whatever food plants are in bloom in my garden, but today there are none. So… I stepped over the garden fence and shot photos where the ornamental plants grow. I hope you enjoy the results… and jump over to Carol’s blog to find other garden bloggers. You’ll find all kinds of blogs that post awesome flower photos on Bloom Day!

Pachysandra Blossoms

Pachysandra came with the house. These seem to be blossoms, but it’s hard to imagine wanting to pollinate such things… then again, pachysandra probably isn’t trying to attract me as a pollinator.

Daffodil in Front Bed

The main ornamental planting bed in your front yard opens the season with a modest display of crocuses which is finally giving way to daffodils and hyacinths.

Daffodil with Orange Center

Every daffodil I saw as a kid was yellow. Now daffodils are all about fancy color combinations. I like!

Forsythia Fringes

I once heard an artist suggest that you can improve your ability to draw objects by focusing on the empty spaces. If you draw all the empty spaces, what you didn’t draw will be the object. I was thinking about that when I created this photo in a forsythia bush.

Backlighted Forsythia

Sure, it’s another forsythia photo… and there are plenty more. I like the way this one makes me feel as though the forsythia towers over me… though I know the blossoms are quite tiny and unimposing.


So many colors of purple! This hyacinth becomes surreal when I enlarge it to full screen.

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2 Responses to Bloom Day, April 2011

  • Susan says:

    Wow- I love that jumbo enlargement of the hyacinth. It’s fun to play with the scale of it. I found you through Bloom day- I’m glad I stopped in.

  • admin says:

    Thank you for dropping by. I love meeting new folks through Bloom Day links. I’ll be tracking you down!

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